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1076 Lovely Kangxi / Yongzheng Imari plate with flower scene

1076 Lovely Kangxi / Yongzheng Imari plate with flower scene



1076 Lovely Kangxi / Yongzheng Imari plate with flower scene
Qing Dynasty
Kangxi 1662 -1722) or early Yongzheng
Date ca 1720
Diameter: 220mm

This all starts at the end of the Kangxi period, we have pieces here that would be categorized as Kangxi, Yongzheng or Qianlong but are in fact all very much related. We can identify certain striking similarities in the design elements. And by combining the different elements walk a path from one piece to another.

A general rule is that they are all of very high quality and made for export. They can be identified by a list of things, but one striking element is that they combine almost all techniques in enameling there are and more interestingly also combinations of them all.

I note:

– Famille Verte
– Imari
– Famille Rose
– Blood/Milk – Rouge de Fer
– Anhua
– Underglaze Blue
– Imari
– Doucai
– Puce
– Bianco-Sopra-Bianco
– Overglaze Yellow

For me this is really a high day in the Jingdezhen production in terms of techniques.

One of the general elements of these plates is the combining of different techniques that were not combined during the Kangxi period or did not exist before say 1720/1725 (Famille Rose) and later in the 18th c don’t seem to be combined as well.

Also we can find some decorational elements that once you focus on them seem to be very typical and are often again combined.
I note:

– 1. The use of a centre decoration that is relatively small and round, not filling the full flat
-2. An inner or outer rim decoration with floral or geometrical patterns and 4 vignettes.
-3. The use of underglaze blue combined with color. Also for simple things like a blue line on the rim, but often for more elaborate decorational elements
-4. The use of Anhua decoration
-5. The centre decoration of a three with different color leaves
– 6. The centre decoration of a Lotus pond with Ducks
– 7. The centre decoration of bamboo in underglaze blue with added overglaze colors
-8. The centre decoration of a flower basket, sometimes with fruits

I tried to make some mindmap like pictures with these elements and the their related plates.

Additional Information


Region of origin


China dynasty period

Qing (1661 – 1912)

Decoration type colour



Kangxi (1661-1722), Yongzheng (1722-1735)


18th century