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0807 A nice Kosometsuke Dish with a mirror scene of ducks.

0807 A nice Kosometsuke Dish with a mirror scene of ducks.




A very nicely decorated Late Ming Blue and White Porcelain Dish with a landscape scene situated in two concentric circles with Ducks/Geese under a pine tree in a mountainious landscape with a pagode in the background. The moon at te sky. The border with butterflies and bordered by a circle. Tianqi or Chongzhen Period c.1620-1635. This is a mirroring plate that is partly undecorated as the white space should have an upside down decoration of something else. I have added two dishes with the other half painted as comparison.

These small Transitional porcelain saucer-shaped dishes would have been used for the Japanese tea ceremony meal, the Kaiseki, small dishes for serving food at the tea ceremony are the most commonly encountered form of Chinese export porcelain for Japan. Made in China for the Japanese. The subject is of two young Chinese boys walking in a garden, owith a flower in his hand. Very nice and unusual scene.

Diameter: 154mm approx
Period: Early 17th century


Additional Information


Region of origin


China dynasty period

Ming & Transitional (1368 – 1664)


17th century

Decoration type colour

Blue & White, Ko-Sometsuke


Chongzhen (1627-1644), Tianqi (1620-1627), Wanli (1572-1620)